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November 4, 2013
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SMV - Sailor Vapor  - Nourbese by Chibi-Sugar SMV - Sailor Vapor  - Nourbese by Chibi-Sugar
Outfit ref:
Nourbese outfit red by Chibi-Sugar

For :iconsmvillage:

Senshi Name: Sailor Vapor
Civilian Name: Nourbese ( noor BEH seh ) Charles
Level: Basic
Ethnicity: African American
Gender: female
Birthday: November 2th
Age: 16
Height: 1,72 m / 5”8
Special abilities: She can manipulate air, smoke and mist a little in civilian form. ( She likes to make figures out of the smoke from incense. )

Backstory: Nourbese grew up in a big family, she’s the oldest and has a younger sister and two younger brothers. Overall she had a very average life. About a year ago, her school had a program which encourage teenager from all over the world becoming pen pals in order to learn more about different cultures. This way Nourbese got to know a British girl named Rashmi Patel.

After exchanging letters with Rashmi for about 6 months, Nourbese received a strange letter, it didn’t say who it was from and it contained a cloud shaped pendant. Nourbese at first had assumed that the letter came from Rashmi and that the Cloud-pendant, which started calling the “Crystal Cloud” had perhaps been a gift. Nourbese was surprised to found out in their next letter exchange that not only the letter and pendant didn’t come from Rashmi but that Rashmi had received a same sort letter with a waterdrop shaped pendant.

From that point on Nourbese started to get a little wary every time she received a letter. Who send that letter, and why did she get the “Crystal Cloud”, and why, as nervous as seem to fell around it, did it no longer feel right to ever leave the house without it?
While still trying to figure this out, she received another letter which contained an invitation to: “Silver Millennium Village”. While every bit of logic inside her said she should absolutely not go, she did feel a bit curious, did it have to do with her powers, and would she perhaps also find out who and why she was given the “Crystal Cloud”. Nourbese really couldn't decided, however it turned out the decision was already made for her.

Personality: Nourbese is a very calm girl, who is a bit of a daydreamer. She comes off as an airhead, but absolutely isn’t she’s actually very smart, but since she’s in her head so much she often doesn’t follow what’s going on around her. A lot of people assume she’s shy or wants to be left alone, the opposite is true, Nourbese likes to be around others, the difference is that she rather listens than speaks, rather watches then joins in, etc. She’s also kinda indecisive so she happily let’s others take the lead. She isn’t gullible though.

- Reading
- Writing
- Movies
- Theatre
- Ballet
- Taking a walk
- a good conversation
- watching others

- Uncomfortable clothing
- Arguments
- Very loud people

- Ballet
- Taking a walk
- Reading
- Writing

Henshin Item and Description: The Crystal Cloud, she can wear it in different ways, but usually she wears it on a necklace.
Henshin Phrase: Gas Vapor-power Make Up!
Henshin Description: Her clothes disappear and the shape of her clothing forms out of vapor (fog/mist/clouds), a bright flash from the gem that has appeared on her forehead and the vapor (fog/mist/clouds) blows away revealing her uniform.

Weapon and Description: The Crystal Cloud Fan, when Vapor isn’t using it, the fan is actually something that kinda looks like some sort of belt buckle on the ribbon around her waist. When she takes it off, it changes into a fan. She can use it for attack but also as a small shield.
Attack Names and Descriptions: “Perplexa Nebula” ( means “confusing fog” in Latin ) Vapor says/shouts “Perplexa” and then swipes the fan through the air while saying/shouting “Nebula”,  it blows a fog to her oponentn which will linger around them. It will make the opponent stay in place for a bit, either because they’re overcome by a peaceful feel or because they’re confused.

Guardian Name and Description: She has none of her own officially but Victoria/SilverSnow’s  guardian Lux guards the rest of the team a bit now too.

Other Information:
- Nourbese used to do ballet as a child, however she lacked the disipline to go one with it although she was quite good. She still dances from time to time for fun though,

-  Nourbese likes to be around little kids, she loves to read or them stories, and sometimes if she can she’ll also burn some incense so she can make figures with the smoke which will go with her story.

- Nourbese get’s a long quite nicely with Victoria. She does wish Victoria was some more easy going.

- Nourbese get’s along well with Rashmi too. She does sometimes have some trouble handling how active and loud Rashmi is.

- Overall Nourbese is just a very easy going girl.

Team: Status Materiae ( means “State of Matter” in Latin )
Leader: Sailor Glacies/SilverSnow…
Other members:
SMV - Sailor Princess SilverSnow - Victoria by Chibi-Sugar SMV - Sailor Aqua - Rashmi (updated) by Chibi-Sugar

Reference Victoria - SilverSnow
Reference - Rashmi - Sailor Aqua
Reference Nourbese - Sailor Vapor

October Quests - Masquerade outfit Victoria

November / December Quests - Winter Outfit Victoria
November / December Quests - Winter Outfit Nourbese

January / February Quests - Olympics Victoria
January / February Quests - Make a Friend Day - Nourbese

My Other Character in SMV:
Reference Supriya - Sailor Glacium
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PatheticCreature Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
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I have also entered her in :iconotakusenshiidols:, I'm not sure how far I'll get though.
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